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The Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics is delighted to share the dates of our upcoming conference on Market Microstructure, Quantitative Trading, High Frequency, and Large Data. May 2-4, 2024, Chicago

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Speaking at COP28 UAE in Dubai, Alternative Environmental Technologies and Lonford Global Director, Masoud Emami, said "As our transition and journey to renewable and green energies will be fueled by carbon fuels, a key element of achieving our planet’s energy transition goals (net-zero) will be curbing emissions from current production of carbon fuels. Adoption of new technology advancements such as Sulfex™ Desulfurization will help to significantly reduce refining emissions and have a positive impact on the refineries’ bottom line. For example, if all hydrotreaters in the world were replaced with Sulfex™, it would eliminate the equivalence of Germany’s CO2 footprint."

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Alternative Environmental Technologies to Present at U.N. COP28 Climate Change Summit

Lonford Global Chairman and AET Executive Director, Steve Stevanovich stated “We are thrilled to have this opportunity to participate in this very important discussion with the goal of lowering carbon emissions.”

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Skyworks Aeronautics Establishes South African Distribution Partner and Adds Another 15 Hawk 5 Gyroplanes to its Growing Order Book

“We are immensely excited to introduce our Hawk 5 Gyroplane to the country of South Africa. This partnership with Classique Aviation is a groundbreaking step towards revolutionizing air travel in the region. The unique merits of gyroplanes, including their versatile flying capabilities, cost-efficiency, and in the specific case of our Hawk 5, zero-runway takes-offs and landings, make them an ideal fit for the diverse landscapes and infrastructure of South Africa,” added Skyworks Co-Founder and CEO, Brig. General (Ret) John E. Michel.


Skyworks Aeronautics Hawk 5 Flying Demonstrator Prepares to Take to the Air

“We are looking forward to converting our LOI orders to firm orders once the Hawk demonstrator is flying,” according to Green Otomasyon Enerjil’s board member, Mr. Yunus Nurilier.

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U.S. Patent Office Issues Additional Patent for Skyworks Aeronautics’ Precision Airdrop System

“The Precision Airdrop System offers pin-point landings with a substantial stand-off range in cases where the intervening distance may be difficult to traverse” added Skyworks Aeronautics Director, Jack Carter.


Skyworks Aeronautics Marks a Century of Gyroplane Innovation with the Forthcoming Flight of its Hawk 5 Gyro Demonstrator and Advancement of VertiJet™

“Today, we stand on the shoulders of the giants who pioneered gyro technology,” remarked John E. Michel, CEO and CoFounder of Skyworks Aeronautics. “Our Hawk 5’s forthcoming first flight is not just a milestone for us but a tribute to a century of gyroplane heritage. And with the VertiJet, we are paving the way for the next 100 years, as we aim to bring the reliability and versatility of gyroplanes to everyday travel.”

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Podcast: John Michel, Author and Former Air Force General

Skyworks Co-Founder and CEO, Brig. General (Ret) John E. Michel has written two books, (No More) Mediocre Me: How Saying No to the Status Quo Will Propel You From Ordinary to Extraordinary and The Art of Positive Leadership. He has written articles for the Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Huffington Post, National Geographic, Joint Forces Quarterly, and the Washington Post.  

In this podcast interview, John talks about his leadership journey.


U.S. Patent Office To Issue Another Patent for Alternative Environmental Technologies’ Sulfex™ Desulfurization Tech

The intellectual property that is set forth in the newest patent further protects significant features and application methods of the Sulfex™ technology

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Big Data & Machine Learning in Econometrics, Finance, and Statistics Conference | Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics at the University of Chicago

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Alternative Environmental Technologies Reaches Milestone

Alternative Environmental Technologies (AET) has announced that its design, procurement, assembly, and installation work of the initial SULFEX commercialization project is near 70% completion.

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Skyworks Aeronautics Adds Jennifer A. Alou as Director

"I am extremely excited to be part of Skyworks’ very experienced team to help bring their disruptive technology and aircraft to the market", said Jennifer Alou.

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Skyworks Aeronautics Receives Order for 100 Hawk 5 Gyroplanes

Mr. Laroussi, President, CEO of MTC added “The Skyworks Hawk 5 Gyroplane emerges as an elegant and cost-effective solution to meet the soaring demand for affordable and sustainable aviation in Africa, catering to a wide array of markets - from agriculture and law enforcement to logistics support and medical transport, its versatility knows no bounds. This truly is a best-in-class aircraft, and we are excited to be working with Skyworks to bring this platform to Chad and Ethiopia, and we look forward to expanding our cooperation throughout other regions in Africa and the Middle East where we already operate.”

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Skyworks Aeronautics: When the Future 
Takes Flight | Aerospace & Defense Review

"With over 42 patents and decades of experience in the field of gyronautics, our commitment to innovation and development is evident. However, our key focus ow lies in market entry and the broader commercial adoption of our technology" - John Michel, CEO & Co-Founder

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Alternative Environmental Technologies reaches Sulfex commercial plant milestone

“This shows how removing complexity along with significantly reducing safety hazards as well as health and environmental hazards can greatly reduce costs along with cycle times in accordance with LEAN design principles.  We are thrilled with the results.” stated Barry Dallum, AET’s Vice President of Business Development.

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AET Announces Closing of Financing for 1st Commercial Sulfex™ Plant

GEPO’s Managing Director and AET Director, Paul Alar, stated, “We seek ESG investments such as AET’s Sulfex™ technology with true economic value and opportunity, as opposed to most ESG projects that rely on government subsidies for their existence and which have virtually no chance of prospering or even surviving on their own economic merit.”


Spirit, Skyworks Aeronautics Sign Agreement to Pursue Development of defence and commercial platforms

“Spirit AeroSystems is a prominent leader in the aerospace industry with world-class design and manufacturing capabilities,” said John E. Michel, Skyworks Aeronautics Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We cannot think of a better industry partner to help make the promise and potential of the VertiJet and other Skyworks-related platforms a tangible reality.”

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Skyworks Co-Founder, Director & CEO Speaks at the Military Aviation & Air Dominance Summit in Huntsville, AL

The video of the presentation and speech can be viewed by clicking on the below link:

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Alternative Environmental Technologies announces Oceania distribution partner

“We are honored to continue our partnership with AET to continue our eco-friendly, sustainable business mission while supporting global environmental improvement initiatives at a reduced cost. At Blended Fuel Solutions New Zealand we are committed to the innovation and production of environmentally friendly fuels,” states Leigh Ramsey MD and Founder.

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Pyramid E&C selected to commercialize the SULFEX™ Technology

In a major development which promises to augment breakthrough technologies, Pyramid has partnered with Alternate Environmental Technologies to build and install the first SulfexTM plant in the United States of America. 

The partnership renews Pyramid’s vision in fulfilling its commitments towards cleaner and more environment friendly fuels.

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Pyramid E&C chosen to construct commercial AET Sulfex™ plant

Pyramid E&C LLC is pleased to announce it has been chosen by Alternative Environmental Technologies to build and install the first commercial Sulfex™ plant in the US. AET has partnered with one of the largest energy companies in North America to operate the new facility.  The plant will process 5,000 barrels of diesel per day, starting from an initial capacity of 1,000 barrels per day. 


Fairey Rotodyne

The Rotodyne established a helicopter speed record over a closed circuit of 307 km/h. The prototype Rotodyne was a three-crew, forty-passenger machine, itself a remarkable achievment for it's day

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Skyworks Aeronautics Receives Order for 200 Hawk 5 Turboprop Aircraft

“With leading design, excellent safety characteristics and payload capacity, the Hawk 5 meets all of the requirements of our customer. This truly is a best-in-class aircraft and we are excited to be working with Skyworks to bring this platform to Turkey”

The Hawk 5’s will be outfitted for various uses with various options, including Patrol, Transport, Medevac, etc…

Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 11.08.25 AM.png

86 Best Nevada Energy Companies and Startups | Alternative Environmental Technologies

This article showcases our top picks for the best Nevada based Energy companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Energy industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.


We tried to pick companies across the size spectrum from cutting edge startups to established brands.


Alternative Environmental Technologies announces EcoMix™ distribution partner for select Latin American & other countries | Decarbonization Technology News

“We are once again honored to partner with AET to continue our eco-friendly, sustainable business mission while supporting global environmental improvement initiatives at a reduced cost. In Petroil we are committed to the innovation and production of environmentally friendly fuels,” states PETROIL’s CEO, Mr. Luis Alberto Hincapié Carvajal.

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Mountain West Innovation Summit Unites National Leaders to Advance U.S. Competitiveness

The University of Wyoming (UW) will host distinguished leaders from across American industry, higher education, national laboratories, and government to develop concrete policy recommendations aimed at keeping the United States at the forefront of innovation and economic competitiveness.  

The Summit will also focus on three additional critical issues facing the region and nation, including the future of:

  1. Sustainability and energy

  2. Scaling and deploying disruptive technologies

  3. Work and the workforce

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Four consortiums bid for Seoul’s flying car program

Last but not least, Lotte Group has also formed a consortium – consisting of Lotte Rental Co., Lotte Engineering & Construction, California-based and more. Chicago-based gyroplane manufacturer SKyworks Aeronautics will build the aircraft.

UChicago Drone Photo.jpg

UChicago Ranks Among Top 25 Institutions for Tech Transfer and Commercialization

A recent analysis entitled Research to Renewal: Advancing University Tech Transfer from Heartland Forward evaluated which universities are most adept at creating new knowledge and embedding it in their graduates – while transferring both out into the world to create impact and a return on investment.

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S.Korea to launch $1.3 bn air taxi research project

The South Korean government will launch a 1.6 trillion won ($1.3 billion) project to set basic standards for urban air mobility (UAM), or air taxi, as the country is preparing to commercialize the next-generation mobility service from 2025, according to sources with knowledge of the matter.

Up to now, four Korean consortia, including a Hyundai Motor-led group, have joined the race for UAM services. Mobile carrier SK Telecom Co.Lotte Rental Co. and LG Uplus Corp., a wireless and internet service provider, have also formed their separate consortium to enter the UAM market.


Bartlett to lead on Skyworks certification

Jeff Bartlett has joined Skyworks to head up the certification of its gyroplanes. The DOA expert believes these vehicles hold the potential to revolutionise flight in a diverse range of aircraft markets.

Bartlett Photo.jpg

Skyworks Aeronautics Adds Head of Certification

Mr. Bartlett has obtained no less than five Design Organization Approvals which is a clear demonstration of his in-depth knowledge of certification requirements


“The Skyworks Board is thrilled to have such an experienced individual join the company’s senior leadership team to lead its certification efforts.” stated Steve G. Stevanovich, Skyworks’ Co-Founder and Executive Chairman.


GEM ups funding in Skyworks to $200m

Skyworks has secured greater investment from GEM as it continues to work on developing its eGyro and VertiJet aircraft, targeting the UAM air taxi and helicopter markets respectively.


Skyworks Hawk at UTVA Factory.jpeg

Skyworks Aeronautics Announces Increased Investment Commitment from GEM to $200 Million

“We are very excited about our diverse portfolio of gyro capabilities which we believe position us exceptionally well to provide safe, affordable and extremely capable vertical lift and progressive electric alternatives to nations across the globe.” Stated Brig. General (Ret.) John Michel, Skyworks Aeronautics Co-Founder and CEO.


Old Tires HD.png

Alternative Environmental Technologies and Tire Recycling: Combating Climate Change

Alternative Environmental Technologies (AET) combats climate change using technologies which minimize the environmental impact of fuels.

This is part of a series of articles highlighting specific ways that AET’s various patented technologies can be used to combat climate change



Skyworks Aeronautics Adds Director of Global Business Development

Stephen Judd brings a successful track record in delivering high profile sales in the global aerospace, defense and marine industries.

"Skyworks’ gyroplanes hold the potential to revolutionize flight in a diverse range of aircraft markets, offering customers huge advantages and many benefits”

— Stephen Judd, Skyworks Director of Global Business Development


0. eGyro image for Vertiflite.png

Skyworks Aeronautics: Something Old, Something New | Vertiflite Jan/Feb 2022

“The advanced air mobility space has seen rapid investment and growth over the last year,” said Steven Montes, defense electronics analyst, who covers the AAM market for Forecast International, an aerospace consultancy. “With the sheer number of aircraft designs floating around, joint efforts to get those aircraft into use will be the deciding factor in long-term success. Skyworks seems to understand that crucial task of the next half-decade.” 


CoC Stevanovich Post.png
Bob Tirva.png

Skyworks Aeronautics Adds Director and Audit Committee Head as the Company Prepares to go Public

"I am excited and honored to join the Skyworks team.  Skyworks’ innovative solutions are well positioned in the current market environment, and I look forward with working with this very experienced team as the company prepares for public listing.”


— Robert Tirva, Skyworks Director & Audit Committee Chair



UAM inches closer in Incheon

Skyworks and MintAir are joining forces with partners including Lotte Corporation to advance the commercial viability of UAM companies in South Korea. Seoul-based Lotte Corporation was established in 1967 and has over 90 affiliates across more than 30 countries, while Lotte Rental plans to develop a ground mobility platform offering transport and rental assets based on customer data from its 40 million members and customers. The consortium will conduct component tests and test flights of Skyworks’ eGyro in 2022-2023



Competition Heats Up For Korean UAM Market

The second consortium brings together U.S. eVTOL startup Skyworks Aeronautics, the Incheon metropolitan government, battery provider Mobius.Energy and its sister company MintAir, which has been launched to operate electric aircraft in Korea. Completing the group are Korean conglomerate Lotte Holdings and Lotte Rental, the country’s largest car rental company.



MintAir, Skyworks Aeronautics, Lotte Corporation, Lotte Rental & Mobius.Energy will bring air mobility to Incheon, Korea

LOTTE Group, including LOTTE Rental, will invest relevant resources and capabilities to successfully carry out this demonstration project with the Consortium, IAIAC and Incheon Metropolitan City”

— Dong-woo Lee, LOTTE Corp.’s Chief Executive Officer


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Skyworks Aeronautics and Williams Advanced Engineering announce a strategic partnership to collaborate on the design, fabrication and testing of Skyworks’ eGyro™ electrically powered aircraft

“We are excited to be partnering with Williams Advanced Engineering, born from Formula 1 racing, a globally recognized leader in advanced composites, electrification systems, and lightweight engineering, to develop our groundbreaking eGyro electric aircraft,” stated John Michel, Skyworks’ Chief Executive Officer.


Paul McNamara, Technical Director, Williams Advanced Engineering said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Skyworks on this innovative project. Aerodynamics, lightweight advanced materials and electrification are core competencies for us – and we’re looking forward to applying them to the eGyro, which seems set to redefine the gyroplane; bringing about a step change in aeronautical e-mobility.”



Mobius has set up a sister company, Mint Air, in South Korea as an electric aircraft operator. Mint Air’s aircraft partner is U.S. startup Skyworks Aeronautics, which is developing the four-passenger eGyro eVTOL. The companies have signed a letter of intent with the city of Incheon to test-fly the eGyro in South Korea.



Skyworks Aeronautics announces the passing of Company Strategic Advisor, Lt. General (Ret) Otto J. Guenther

What we will all remember most is his strong character, gracious personality, and the wonderful example he set of how to lead a life well lived”

— Brig. General (Ret) John E. Michel, Co-Founder & CEO, Skyworks Aeronautics


Skyworks Aeronautics Adds Test Pilot

Ozanne, Andrew Photo.jpg

Andy was involved in the development of a wide variety of rotary platforms including extensive trials work on the UK Apache attack helicopter & the Russian Mi17

We are fortunate to have someone with Andy’s extensive background and experience as we move forward in earnest with the commercialization of Skyworks’ various aircraft platforms”

— Barry Jones, Skyworks’ Director of Aviation Operations and Chief Pilot



Skyworks Aeronautics gets $77 million electric helicopter order from Brazilian company

Chicago-based Skyworks Aeronautics said Europcar Brazil plans to purchase 50 of its eGyro electrically powered vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for use in Brazil, the world’s fourth-largest market for civil helicopters after the U.S., Russia and Canada. Europcar is the world’s third largest rental car company.


Europcar - Skyworks Logos.png

Europcar Brazil Places Order for 50 Skyworks Aeronautics eGyro™ Electric Aircraft

Today, Europcar Brazil announced plans to purchase 50 eGyro™ electrically powered vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft from Skyworks Aeronautics (“Skyworks”) for use in Brazil, the world’s fourth largest market for civil helicopters after the U.S., Russia and Canada. Europcar is the world’s third largest rental car company and leading mobility provider.


Berger, Stefan Headshot v4.png

Former Jaguar Land Rover Electrification Director Joins Skyworks Aeronautics

Dr. Berger previously served as Director of Electrification at Jaguar Land Rover Limited (“JLR”), the British multinational automotive subsidiary of Tata Motors. In this capacity, he laid the foundation for the company’s transformation to electric vehicles, including the launch of JLR’s first EV, the Jaguar I-Pace, the first vehicle ever to win three World Car of the Year Awards in one year. He also led the reveal of Project Vector, a flexible smart city transport concept for a wide variety of autonomous, shared, and private mobility applications.


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U.S. Patent Office To Issue Additional Patent for Alternative Environmental Technologies’ Sulfex™ Desulfurization Tech

The issuing patent provides additional, broad protection to features of the Sulfex™ system and further confirms the uniqueness of the Sulfex™ technology


AET’s Vice President of Business Development, Barry Dallum stated “The achievement of an additional patent on the Sulfex™ system displays our continued commitment to our Sulfex desulfurization process to new fuels applications. This process has a lower capital investment, lower operating cost, lower carbon footprint and is safer than other desulfurization processes.”


Nortavia-Skyworks Logos II_edited.png

Portuguese based Nortavia Transportes Aeros orders 10 Skyworks Aeronautics eGyro™ Electric Aircraft

Nortavia will use the eGyros to expand their existing Aviation Training and Maintenance Academy Program


“With our many years of preparing pilots for both civilian and commercial flight operations, our team at Nortavia is ecstatic to add Skyworks best in class electric gyro to our growing fleet,” said Cassiano Rodrigues, Chief Executive Officer of Nortavia. “With its efficient design, superb safety characteristics, and impressive range, this spectacular platform effectively positions us to meet the ever-growing demand for sustainable aviation capabilities and services, with a particular focus on training the next generation of e-platform operators and maintainers,” Rodrigues added.



The Fairey Rotodyne, the vertical takeoff and landing airliner time forgot

A great article about a timeless a technology that Skyworks Aeronautics is excited to be reintroducing to the world.

Don Woodbury, Skyworks Chief Technology Advisor, tells Ars the Rotodyne inspired its development. "If [the Rotodyne] had made it into commercial use, our whole notion of inter-city transport would be far different than it is today. The Rotodyne would've been a formidable competitor in terms of cost and performance."


Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 10.08.21 PM.png

Skyworks Aeronautics Announces the Selection of Eagle Technologies to Prototype the eGyro™ Electric Aircraft Rotor System

Hawk 4.png

Skyworks Aeronautics Starts Hawk 5 Certification Effort

The Skyworks Hawk 5 certification effort is led by Mr. Barry Jones, Skyworks’ Director of Aviation Operations and Chief Pilot. Also serving as the Managing Director of Skyworks Aeronautics (U.K.) Ltd, he shared, “We have assembled a team of experts that have over 40 years of experience in aircraft certification, from professional certifiers to a graduate of the prestigious Emptier Test Pilot School at Boscombe Down. In my view, this team has the very best possible experience one would want to lead our certification programs”.


Mr. Jones added that, “Whilst this Certification Plan is commenced with the Hawk 5, all future Skyworks aircraft can follow this similar path. In fact, all successive aircraft to the Hawk 5 will not require CAA approval and inspection at each stage and can thus be progressed at Skyworks discretion, thus reducing certification time.”



Skyworks Aeronautics says it's selling 100 electric helicopters in deal worth up to $175 million

Chicago-based Skyworks Aeronautics said a consortium of Mint Air and Corp. is buying the aircraft and has options to buy an additional 100.

In February, Skyworks Aeronautics, which recently moved to Chicago's AON Center from Salt Lake City, said it received a $100 million investment commitment from GEM Global Yield LLC SCS, a Luxembourg-based private alternative investment group. The company said it will use the funds to move forward with the commercialization of its gyroplane aircraft, including the eGyro electric air taxi and its 400 mile-per-hour VertiJet vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.



Skyworks Aeronautics Announces the Order of 100 eGyro™ Electric Aircraft with Options for an Additional 100 by a Consortium of Mint Air and

“We are pleased to announce the Skyworks eGyro as the launch UAM platform for Mint Air. The fundamental safety and performance advantages of the eGyro will enable Mint Air to accelerate the adoption of intra and inter-city passenger transport in Korea,” said Eugene Choi, Chief Executive Officer of Mint Air.


Vertiflite Cover.png

Skyworks is a $100M GEM

Skyworks Aeronautics Corp. announced on Feb. 8, a

$100M investment commitment from GEM Global Yield LLC.  

Skyworks Aeronautics will use the funds to move forward with the commercialization of its cutting-edge gyroplane aircraft, including the eGyro electric air taxi (shown), geared towards urban air mobility and the 400 mph [645 km/h] VertiJet VTOL aircraft that competes directly with helicopters, but at a much higher speed, longer range and lower operating cost.


Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 9.46.07 PM.png

U.S. Patent Office Allows Patent for Alternative Environmental Technologies’ Sulfex™ Desulfurization Technology

AET’s Vice President of Business Development, Barry Dallum stated “The progression of the patents we have obtained displays our commitment to our Sulfex desulfurization process to new fuels applications. This process has a lower capital investment, lower operating cost, lower carbon footprint and is safer than other desulfurization processes.”


Disaster Relief.png

U.S. Patent Office Allows Patent for Skyworks Aeronautics’ Precision Airdrop System

The Skyworks Aeronautics PAS allows for precise delivery of humanitarian aid and disaster relief.  The PAS can also support efficient cargo deliveries to rural areas without the need for the hub and spoke multi-airport logistics of today’s cargo deliveries.


 “We are very pleased that Skyworks Aeronautics’ gyroplane technology can provide a quick and inexpensive solution to disaster situations where all other supply routes are inoperative.  Our goal is to change the world for the better by changing the nature of vertical flight.” states Skyworks Aeronautics Director, Jack Carter.



An Interview With John Michel, Executive Director At Skyworks Aeronautics



Q: You’ve recently announced a $100 million investment commitment from GEM Global Yield LLC SCS (“GEM”); can you tell us something more?

A: Skyworks Aeronautics will use the funds to move forward with the commercialization of three of its unique gyroplane aircraft: The eGyro electric air taxi geared towards urban air mobility; the 400 mph VertiJet, which will be the world’s first VTOL business jet; and the Hawk 5 versatile performance gyro which is primarily targeted to emerging nations in dire need of affordable, reliable and versatile vertical lift alternatives to costly and complex helicopters. It is important to note the Hawk 5 is already being manufactured with our Serbia based engineering team, with first flight slated for late 2021.



Skyworks Aeronautics Announces $100 Million Investment Commitment from GEM as Company Seeks to Go Public in Coming Months

Skyworks Aeronautics Also Strengthens Executive Team with Recent New Hires and Adds to Electric Aircraft Partnership. The Company envisages going public via SPAC merger or traditional IPO

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Skyworks Aeronautics Corp. today announced a $100 million investment commitment from GEM Global Yield LLC SCS

Brig. General (Ret.) John Michel, Skyworks Aeronautics Co-Executive Director added, “With our highly experienced leadership and technical team and strong intellectual property portfolio, this commitment by GEM positions Skyworks Aeronautics to become the first company in the world to commercialize gyrocraft at scale. Be it providing affordable vertical lift alternatives to developing nations, progressive electric aircraft capabilities for air carriers, or game-changing vertical takeoff and landing platforms, Skyworks Aeronautics is now poised to be a transformative force in the rapidly evolving air mobility industry.”



Skyworks Aeronautics Part of Consortium Selected in Next Stage of U.S. Air Force Energy Storage Challenge

CHICAGO, IL, U.S.A., February 3, 2021 / -- Skyworks Aeronautics as part of consortium led by our partner Corporation selected in next stage of U.S. Air Force Energy Storage Challenge AFWERX.


“The AFWERX Reimagining Energy for the DoD Challenge is critical to our mission of increasing collaboration between large businesses and entrepreneurs to accelerate solutions for the Air Force,” stated Mark Rowland of AFWERX. “On behalf of AFWERX and the Department of Defense, we congratulate the teams advancing to the next phase. Their contributions are invaluable and have the potential to create game-changing results across the Air Force enterprise."

commission website images 1.jpg

Council on Competitiveness Statement on the Newly Announced Biden Science Team

WASHINGTON, DC, U.S.A., January 15, 2021 The Council on Competitiveness applauds the nomination of Dr. Eric Lander to be Assistant to the President for Science & Technology and the next Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). We also commend the Biden-Harris Administration’s decision to elevate the position to the cabinet level.

This is something the Council called for when it released its Competing in the Next Economy National Agenda on December 17, 2020.  The CEO of Lonford Global is a Commissioner on the National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers and sits on the Executive Committee of the Council on Competitiveness.

egyro.png and Skyworks Global Announce eGyro™ Electric Aircraft Collaboration

CHICAGO, IL, U.S.A., December 8, 2020 / -- Today, Skyworks Global, Inc. (“Skyworks”) and Corp. (“Mobius”) announced a strategic partnership to adapt and mature Mobius’ battery module technologies to meet the needs of the Skyworks’ eGyro™ electrically powered vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.


Jongwon “JP” Park, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of said, “Mobius’ strategy focuses on building strategic partnership and growing together with our partners. We are building a global aviation battery alliance and our partnership with Skyworks marks an important milestone.”

Latin Flags.png

Alternative Petroleum Technologies Announces Distribution Partner for Select Latin American & other Countries

RENO, NV, U.S.A., October 28, 2020 / -- Alternative Petroleum Technologies Holdings Corp. ("APT") has signed a distribution agreement with OGE Drilling & Investment Ltd. and its subsidiary company ODIN Petroil S.A. (“Petroil”). The distribution agreement covers the sales territory of several South American, Central American, Caribbean and other countries including Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, South Africa and Singapore. The distribution agreement covers APT’s unique, patented, cost-saving Sulfex™ desulfurization process - a much lower capital investment, operating cost, carbon footprint and greater safety alternative to hydro desulfurization (hydrotreating).

Argonne Photo.jpg

DOE awards funding to six Argonne battery manufacturing projects

BY CHRISTINA NUNEZ, October 2, 2020

The projects will help bring technologies for safer, more robust batteries from the laboratory to commercial markets.

Six innovative battery manufacturing projects led by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory were recently awarded funding through DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). The projects, which span a range of essential components for energy storage, are among 13 battery manufacturing research efforts at national laboratories that earned combined funding of almost $15 million over three years. 


Chicago Is at the Center of a National Push for ‘Quantum Internet’

BY NONA TEPPER, July 24, 2020

The Department of Energy (DOE) just unveiled a plan to develop nationwide quantum internet — and Illinois is at the center of it.


During a press conference at the University of Chicago on Thursday, DOE representatives announced that two state laboratories and a prominent local research institution will play a key role in developing quantum internet for all.


“Decades from now, when we look back to the beginnings of the quantum internet, we’ll be able to say that the original nexus points were here in Chicago — at Fermilab, Argonne and the University of Chicago,” said Nigel Lockyer, director of Fermilab.


COVID-19 is changing key business relationships


No entrepreneur is a stranger to crisis. Whether it shows up as a key partnership falling apart right before a contract is signed or a global economic downturn, crisis is a fundamental part of entrepreneurship—and, in fact, often accelerates the adoption of technology and market innovations. Following the 2000 dot-com crash, the e-commerce, social media, and interactive-web-experience sectors boomed. After the 2008–09 global financial crisis, giants of the gig economy, including Uber and Airbnb, emerged and became unicorns with multibillion-dollar valuations. Analysts are already speculating about what industries and companies will be the winners post-COVID-19. Will telehealth, remote working, online education, even micromobility (transportation for one) become the new norm in a world fearing the next pandemic?


Skyworks Global Opens First Dealership in Brazil

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, U.S.A., July 16, 2020 / -- Skyworks Global Inc. (“Skyworks”), the global leader in gyronautics, announced the opening of its first dealership in Brazil with the appointment of Aero Store Aviation as its dealer in the state of São Paolo. The Aero Store has been in the aviation market for 15 years and has expertise in aircraft sales, aftermarket service and support, including parts and components supply and pilot training.

Dr. Marcelo Felippes, Skyworks’ Director of Business Development in South America, after extensive research, selected Aero Store Aviation to be the first Skyworks dealer in Brazil. Dr. Felippes stated: “Skyworks Global is a leader in commercializing gyroplanes and we are extremely excited to be working with Mr. José Barth, owner of Aero Store Aviation in the state of São Paulo, where the fleet of helicopters is one of the largest in the world."


Skyworks Global Appoints Distribution Partner for Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, U.S.A., May 28, 2020 / -- Skyworks Global Inc. (“Skyworks”), the global leader in gyronautics, announced that it has signed a sales and marketing distribution agreement with One08 Group. The distribution agreement covers the sales territories of Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore for Skyworks’ five seat Hawk 5 aircraft.


The Hawk 5 gyroplane uses a free-spinning rotor to provide lift and an airplane engine for thrust. Utilizing an engine driven pre-rotation system while on the ground, the Hawk 5 is capable of jump take-offs, allowing take-off from almost anywhere. In flight, the unpowered rotor is always in autorotation, so in the unlikely event of an engine failure, the Hawk 5’s rotor would continue to spin providing a normal glidepath, keeping the pilot in complete control. Since it has no transmission or antitorque equipment, the Hawk 5 eliminates the flight risk, periodic maintenance, and lost business days associated with these systems, providing the owner greater safety, reliability, and lower costs. Coupled with the flying simplicity of fixed wing aircraft, the Hawk 5 is a true workhorse.


Alternative Petroleum Technologies Signs Distribution Agreement for 15 African Countries

RENO, NEVADA, USA, January 22, 2020 / -- Alternative Petroleum Technologies Holdings Corp.("APT") has signed a distribution agreement with Alternative Petroleum & Power Ltd. (“APPL”) The distribution agreement covers the sales territory of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which include Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leonne and Senegal, amongst others. The distribution agreement covers the full range of APT technologies including its unique, patented, cost-saving Sulfex™ desulfurization process.

“We are honored to partner with APT to continue our eco-friendly, sustainable business mission while taking advantage of the Nigerian Federal Government’s gas liberalization policy” stated APPL Executive Director Alh Muawiyah Farouk.

“We are very excited to be working with APPL to bring APT’s environmentally friendly technologies to the ECOWAS countries.” stated APT Director, Steve G. Stevanovich.


Alternative Petroleum Technologies Announces Appointment of Distribution Partner for Mainland China

RENO, NV, U.S.A., December 20, 2019 / -- Alternative Petroleum Technologies Holdings Corp. ("APT") has signed a sales and marketing distribution agreement with MICAVA International Corp. The distribution agreement covers the sales territory of Mainland China for the full range of APT technologies including its unique, patented, cost-saving Sulfex™ desulfurization process.

“MICAVA has been keeping good communication with APT for several years. We admire the innovation ability of APT’s researchers and witness their scientific research achievements. There is no doubt that Sulfex™ is a leap in the development, which has injected new vitality into the low-cost desulfurization for global eco-friendly refining. We are honoured to be the partner of APT, and we believe that APT and Micava can make contribution to the technological progress of China users through both parties’ efforts” stated MICAVA CEO and President, Yu Chenghai.


Skyworks to offer U.S. Army new combat gyrodyne aircraft

By Dylan Malyasov, Jul 14, 2019

U.S. high-performance gyroplanes maker Skyworks in collaboration with Scaled Composites to build a high-speed rotorcraft demonstrator of future combat gyrodyne aircraft.

Skyworks signed a collaboration agreement with Scaled Composites to development new VertiJet gyrodyne aircraft to take part in the U.S. Army’s various Future Vertical Lift (FVL) competitions.

The new combat gyrodyne aircraft will be based on a concept developed under DARPA’s Heliplane program. Skyworks has been developing manned and unmanned vertical lift gyroplane technologies for more than two decades. The company’s website said these advanced sustained autorotative flight technologies enable aircraft to be both runway independent and economical, and yet remain unconstrained by the physics imposed speed, range, and payload limitations of a helicopter.

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 5.28.17 PM.png

Skyworks Global, Scaled Composites target US Army’s FVL with VertiJet

By Pat Host, Washington, DC, Jul 11, 2019

Skyworks Global and Scaled Composites will offer their VertiJet gyrodyne aircraft for one of the US Army’s various Future Vertical Lift (FVL) competitions, according to an executive.

John Michel, Skyworks Global executive director and retired US Air Force (USAF) brigadier general, told Jane’s on 9 July that VertiJet can fulfill a variety of military missions including combat search and rescue (CSAR); ship-to-shore logistics; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); armed escort, and special operations. While the US Army has an active competition in Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft-Competitive Prototype (FARA-CP) and a potential competition for Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA), Michel said the team had not determined which competition, or competitions, to pursue.


Skyworks Announces Partnership with European Aircraft Manufacturer to Produce Its Runway Independent Hawk 5 Gyroplane

By Lonford Global, June 21, 2019

The industry leader in gyronautics is partnering with UTVA to make high performance, cost-effective runway independent aircraft available throughout the world.

Today, Skyworks Global Inc. and UTVA, a subsidiary of Serbian-Government owned Yugoimport, announced a strategic partnership to manufacture Skyworks’ 5 seat runway independent gyroplane.  

The Hawk 5 gyroplane combines the safety, reliability and cost effectiveness of fixed wing aircraft with the runway independence of a helicopter. Its simple, elegant design reduces much of the complexity associated with rotary wing aircraft, resulting in lower operating costs and higher reliability and making the Hawk 5 particularly well suited to serve delivery, transportation and patrol needs in a wide range of environments including the rugged conditions seen in developing countries. 

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